Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where Oh Where

Oh where oh where has my website gone
Oh where oh where could it be
I've uploaded the files just as I should
Oh where oh where could it be?

Hee hee. Yes, you were supposed to sing that to the tune of "Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone." (Didn't Sandra Dee sing that in one of her movies? Or was it Gidget?) Anyway, I'm having issues with my CC Photography website. I'm a stubborn gal and created the website on my own. I don't know if it's more stubbornness or the fact that I want complete control.

Anyway, I've uploaded all of my wonderfully created files :-) and for some reason or another none of them are appearing as I envisioned. The words are appearing, but the styles of the pages aren't appearing. I'm pretty sure that it all has to do with those lovely little links.

Hopefully, after I attend my Christian services and feed my hungry family, I'll be able to get back to it and fix it all. And then...dum...dum...dummmmmmm....the new site shall be revealed!

Have you had your portrait created today?
Betty Gray

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