Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall is in the Air

CC Photography by Betty Gray-Fall Portrait
Finally, the cool air is arriving. Today, it felt really good outside. I love the Fall season. Not only is it cooler, but it makes a great backdrop for outside portraits. During the Fall it seems as if the evergreen trees are greener. lolol Wearing sweaters and having the colorful leaves around you makes it seem like you're in an Old Navy commercial and I love those commercials! :-)

CC Photography by Betty Gray-Holiday Card

October is the start of the busy season for me. Most people are wanting to have their family portraits created to include them on their custom holiday cards. I'll be offering a special that includes 25 holiday cards with your session. For all of you that are already subscribed, be on the look out for a newsletter from CC Photography with this special offer. If you're not subscribed already and don't want to miss out on this discount offer be sure to SIGN UP to receive my newsletter and discount updates.

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Betty Gray
CC Photography

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pipes in Bartlett, TN

CC Photography by Betty Gray learns about bagpipes
We visited a Bartlett, TN park and upon getting out of our vehicle we could hear this beautiful sound. Couldn't really tell where it was coming from, but it was very pretty and very calming yet made you want to jump up and do some sort of step dance. lol After making our way through the park we ran into this awesome gentleman. He was a band member of the Wolf River Pipes & Dreams. He was so kind to explain to my kids and me the makings of a bagpipe and how the proper flow of air produces great sounds. Something that I learned that was new was that the hum that you always hear with the bagpipes, that hum is created by the pipes. I know!!! Who would have thunk it? hahaha

It was very interesting to hear about the bagpipe and watch him play and tune it. There will be a Scottish festival here in Memphis this weekend. It's call the Clanjamfry (pronounced "clan-JAM-free") it's an annual festival celebrating Scottish heritage. The Wolf River Pipes & Dreams will be performing on Saturday. Lots of activities will be taking place here and it's all for a good cause.

Hmmm...makes me wonder...could I be Scottish? My mother's father's grandfather's name was McMickle and they later changed it to Mickle. Ya never know. LOL Anyway, maybe I'll see you there!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Love in the Afternoon

CC Photography Love Never Fails
Saw this drawing in a driveway and had to photograph it. I thought it was interesting. It's so true. Well I guess it is true according to whom you ask. You ask me, a person that's been married for going on 17 years and is happy with my arrangement (That sounds so weird. I swear I'm still only 25! How could a 25 y/o be married for 17 years????) would definitely say that it's true. However, turn around and ask someone who is in a crummy relationship and is looking for a way out would probably say that it isn't true. What do you think?

By the way, have I told you lately that I'm so enjoying editing photos again? :-P

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Imagination Library

For those of you that live in the state of Tennessee and many other areas, Dolly Parton has a really cool website that encourages reading. It's called Imagination Library You can sign your child (0-5 y/o) up to receive free books about every 6 weeks, I believe. I have signed my youngest up for this program and he gets so excited to have a package come in the mail that's just for him.

This past week he received a booked called Red Red Red by Valeri Gorbachev. This book held my attention as it really did surprise me with the ending. It took my all not to fast forward to the end to see what in the world was Turtle trying to see that was "red red red?" lolol

The illustrations are great as well. The characters were not too too cartoony. I think that could be one reason my DS took it more seriously than his other 100+ books. lolol

Both my DS and 4 y/o niece enjoyed the book. Getting them involved in the book and what everyone around town thought Turtle was going to see that was "red red red" was enjoyable.

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fun at a State Park

We visited a state park up in Lebonon, TN. It was pretty cool. Kids had a blast. We also went to Franklin, TN to go to the Target there. It was an AWESOME Target! Love it. We hoped to see Miley Cyrus there since she's always being photographed there. Nope. Not this time. BUT...she was there the very next day! How cool is that??? hahahahaha

Anyway, here are few pics of the kids that I took while we were there. Ahhhhhh....It feels good to be editing again. I love it!

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