Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fun at a State Park

We visited a state park up in Lebonon, TN. It was pretty cool. Kids had a blast. We also went to Franklin, TN to go to the Target there. It was an AWESOME Target! Love it. We hoped to see Miley Cyrus there since she's always being photographed there. Nope. Not this time. BUT...she was there the very next day! How cool is that??? hahahahaha

Anyway, here are few pics of the kids that I took while we were there. Ahhhhhh....It feels good to be editing again. I love it!

Have you had your portraits created today?
CC Photography


frankie said...

Your kids are gorgeous!!!

Michele said...

Wow they are getting big!!!! Beautiful pictures once again Betty. :)

CC Photography by Betty Gray said...

I admit that these aren't my best, but hubby really liked them. We had fun there, but I got lazy with my camera. lol