Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I just moved to another home in blogland. Hopefully, I will be able to provide more information and offering more of my opinions things. LOL visit me at my new place. 



Friday, October 22, 2010

I Shall Be Norton Free...Yes I Can!

This blog, I apologize, is more of a rant than anything. Sometimes you just have to let things out and hope that someone out there will agree with you. So I ask, who out there agrees that Norton sucks!

Well, I know that what I do to my computer is not good. Yes, I am one that (Gasp!) does not reboot often. Chalk it up to being lazy or adventurous. Whichever way you want to look at it.  When I do decide to reboot my computer, I expect it to do it without too much annoyance. I know that there are programs that slowly start up in the background. I'm okay with that. I know that I have programs that have to check every file for authenticity. I'm okay with that. 

Ttoday upon my rebooting I discovered that the same Norton Anti-Virus/Malware/Tell Me What Dangers Lurk On My Computer program is back! Yes, I said it's BACK! I know I deleted it. I know I went into the registry to make sure there was nothing left behind. But low and behold, there it was, big black and yellow  filling up my computer screen. 

Where the heck did that come from? I have no idea other than the fact that someone must have installed another program that included the Norton program along with it. Norton has always been a program that slowed my computer down no matter what, including when it was brand new out of the package. I am not okay with that. 

So, as a result, I don't like it. I don't want it. I don't need it. I have found suitable other options. Obviously, Norton does not want me to get rid of it. The numerous amount of steps that you have to go through to have it removed from your computer is ridiculous. During that process, it made sure to tell me several times that my computer would be unprotected. It said it as if it's the only program out there or the only program that I have on my computer. That really got under my skin. 

Once I finally went through all of the steps and said "Agree" to all of the warnings, it FINALLY told me that it was removed. But wait! That's not all. It proceeds to open up a web browser window to encourage me to PURCHASE the program. Are you talking to me? Are you serious? 

Uuugh! Like I mentioned before, I don't like Norton. I'm sure others would disagree with my rant, but this is MY rant. So off I go to gather everyone around the ottoman to have a talk about what to download on the family computer and what not to. Or better yet, just don't download anything without me checking it out first. 


Saturday, October 09, 2010

How I Built a Tunnel All the Way to Mexico

Shelby Farms   ©2010 CC Photography by Betty Gray
Dreams can be really crazy sometimes. For instance, I actually dreamed that we had a tunnel coming up in our detached garage (we don't have a tunnel or detached garage in real life) that Mexican immigrants were coming in through. The FBI kept watching our house, but could not figure out how the Mexicans were coming through. 

Why I would dream of something like that? I have no clue. I'm assuming that at one point during my OBRD (obsessive blog reading disorder) that I read something about immigrants coming to America? I don't know. But can you imagine the trip they would have from Mexico to Tennessee? Like I said, it was just in my dream (just in case the INS is watching me..."Hi!") 

When I was a child it would seem that my dreams would become dark and scary if I slept on my back. It was really weird that no matter what, when I woke up from my nightmare, I was on my back so I automatically assumed that it was because of this position that I was having nightmares. Before I'd go to sleep, I'd make sure that my covers were tucked in really tight to keep me from turning over. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. On the good nights, I'd dream of climbing trees, catching fireflies and figuring out a way to torture my prissy sister. LOL 

As I got older, the nightmare would always seem to be the same. I was losing all of my teeth. I would bite something and all of my teeth would be loose. Till this day, that dream haunts me. Is it because I don't floss like I should? Is it because I refuse to pay $15 for a toothbrush? Is it because I use Colgate even though 4 out of 5 dentist recommend Crest? 

Well, now that I'm approaching 40, I now know that my nightmares are not the result of me sleeping on my back. Most of the time I'm so tired at night, I don't even remember what I dreamed about. 


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Just Blogging

Mammoth Springs, AR  ©2010 CC Photography by Betty Gray

I'm sitting here typing this as a result of many hours spent reading several different blogs. I start out by viewing one blog and somehow I've let 4 hours or more get by me! Dinner hasn't been cooked. The kid's papers haven't been graded. The baby's diaper needs changing. How did I get so wrapped up in a blog about someone I don't even know?

For some reason, and I'm sure it's the same for other people, I enjoy reading about other people's lives. It's actually quite comical sometimes to see that there are people out there much more screwed up than I am. It kind of makes me feel like I'm just a smidgen closer to being normal. I get wrapped up in their family photos, vacation photos, etc. 

I've been viewing one blog of a family blogging about their growing son, the Little Milk Monster. I've watched him since he was born. I have ABSOLUTELY no idea as to who this kid is! But each time I sit down I go to his blog to see what his mommy has written about him or to see what new milestone he's met. I'm kinda anxious to see which Kindergarten program they're going to choose for him! LOL

How did I find out about the Little Milk Monster blog? I have no idea! See, that's my problem. I start with one blog and click a link to another and another and another and another! I'm beginning to think I have OCBRD (obsessive compulsive blog reading disorder). 

My most recent obsession, Single Dad Laughing. I found this particular blog as a recommendation from a Facebook friend. I read his post about The Disease Call Perfect. That particular blog made me think, cry, think and cry even more. You HAVE to read it. I could totally relate to that blog. I got my husband to read the blog as well. When he was done, we both looked at each other and seriously wanted to go sit in a corner and rock back and forth sucking our thumbs! 

After we gained our composure from that particular reading, we decided to read his blog again. This time it was the article about breaking your children. OMG! Fortunately, I never had abusive parents. My parents were "Perfect," however, my husband had an abusive father. Reading that particular article just made him feel even better about how he interacts with his children. That blog made us feel really good as parents. We both love our children very much and make sure they know it and feel it all the time and have no issues with hugging and loving on them. 

Anyway, yeah, I love reading blogs. I love looking at people's photos. I remember as a teen my dad mentioned to me that he could not understand how I can sit by myself in a room looking through a family album of someone that I didn't even know. Well, thanks to the wonderful world of blog, I can do that all day now!

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Don't Wanna Share!

Pear from Hardy, Arkansas

Did I ever tell you that I'm a mother of three. It's actually four if you count my husband. LOL I have finally come to the understanding that I'll be 40 (That's actually 20-20!) soon. I also came to realize that I have nothing of my own. Nothing that I don't have to share with at least 4 other people.

For instance, this computer, it's a community computer so everyone in the household uses it. We actually purchased a laptop, however, my DD took that over and after seeing the jelly donut stains, bread crumbs, soda drippings, etc on it, I really don't want to use it anymore. My cell phone, it was bought for my usage, however, my little boys have managed to have games downloaded on it so that they can play it when they're tired of playing their Playstation, Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DSi. This, by the way, seems to be quite often. Whatever happened to little boys just wanting to sword fight?

As a result of these things, I have restarted this blog so that I can have something that's mine. Yes I have other blogs, but they're about other people or my business. So this one is all about me. I will not share it. Okay maybe a little.

Hmmm...and I guess that since I'm a photographer, I really should insert a photo. Yes? Okay, well, I inserted one above. I will post photos that have nothing to do with my clients (This should be fun!). It's from my camping trip to Hardy, Arkansas.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm Movin On Out!

CC Photography by Betty moves her blog

Yep, I'm moving to the East Side. It's called WordPress. After many and many of agonizing edits to my posts here at Blogger, I decided that it's time for me to move on to a place where I have more control over things and where I can edit and create more easily. This new blog has some pretty cool features and I like the way it looks on the page.

So if it's not too much of a pain in the booty, please update your links so that you can go to my new blog. I'll be here to check on things, but not often, so if you leave a comment, it may be forever before I can get back to you.

Thank you all for following me and my crazy thoughts!

-----> THE NEW BLOG <-----

Come on by. Visit for a while. Have a drink of sweet tea and leave me a comment or two.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall is in the Air

CC Photography by Betty Gray-Fall Portrait
Finally, the cool air is arriving. Today, it felt really good outside. I love the Fall season. Not only is it cooler, but it makes a great backdrop for outside portraits. During the Fall it seems as if the evergreen trees are greener. lolol Wearing sweaters and having the colorful leaves around you makes it seem like you're in an Old Navy commercial and I love those commercials! :-)

CC Photography by Betty Gray-Holiday Card

October is the start of the busy season for me. Most people are wanting to have their family portraits created to include them on their custom holiday cards. I'll be offering a special that includes 25 holiday cards with your session. For all of you that are already subscribed, be on the look out for a newsletter from CC Photography with this special offer. If you're not subscribed already and don't want to miss out on this discount offer be sure to SIGN UP to receive my newsletter and discount updates.

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