Thursday, October 07, 2010

Just Blogging

Mammoth Springs, AR  ©2010 CC Photography by Betty Gray

I'm sitting here typing this as a result of many hours spent reading several different blogs. I start out by viewing one blog and somehow I've let 4 hours or more get by me! Dinner hasn't been cooked. The kid's papers haven't been graded. The baby's diaper needs changing. How did I get so wrapped up in a blog about someone I don't even know?

For some reason, and I'm sure it's the same for other people, I enjoy reading about other people's lives. It's actually quite comical sometimes to see that there are people out there much more screwed up than I am. It kind of makes me feel like I'm just a smidgen closer to being normal. I get wrapped up in their family photos, vacation photos, etc. 

I've been viewing one blog of a family blogging about their growing son, the Little Milk Monster. I've watched him since he was born. I have ABSOLUTELY no idea as to who this kid is! But each time I sit down I go to his blog to see what his mommy has written about him or to see what new milestone he's met. I'm kinda anxious to see which Kindergarten program they're going to choose for him! LOL

How did I find out about the Little Milk Monster blog? I have no idea! See, that's my problem. I start with one blog and click a link to another and another and another and another! I'm beginning to think I have OCBRD (obsessive compulsive blog reading disorder). 

My most recent obsession, Single Dad Laughing. I found this particular blog as a recommendation from a Facebook friend. I read his post about The Disease Call Perfect. That particular blog made me think, cry, think and cry even more. You HAVE to read it. I could totally relate to that blog. I got my husband to read the blog as well. When he was done, we both looked at each other and seriously wanted to go sit in a corner and rock back and forth sucking our thumbs! 

After we gained our composure from that particular reading, we decided to read his blog again. This time it was the article about breaking your children. OMG! Fortunately, I never had abusive parents. My parents were "Perfect," however, my husband had an abusive father. Reading that particular article just made him feel even better about how he interacts with his children. That blog made us feel really good as parents. We both love our children very much and make sure they know it and feel it all the time and have no issues with hugging and loving on them. 

Anyway, yeah, I love reading blogs. I love looking at people's photos. I remember as a teen my dad mentioned to me that he could not understand how I can sit by myself in a room looking through a family album of someone that I didn't even know. Well, thanks to the wonderful world of blog, I can do that all day now!

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