Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Don't Wanna Share!

Pear from Hardy, Arkansas

Did I ever tell you that I'm a mother of three. It's actually four if you count my husband. LOL I have finally come to the understanding that I'll be 40 (That's actually 20-20!) soon. I also came to realize that I have nothing of my own. Nothing that I don't have to share with at least 4 other people.

For instance, this computer, it's a community computer so everyone in the household uses it. We actually purchased a laptop, however, my DD took that over and after seeing the jelly donut stains, bread crumbs, soda drippings, etc on it, I really don't want to use it anymore. My cell phone, it was bought for my usage, however, my little boys have managed to have games downloaded on it so that they can play it when they're tired of playing their Playstation, Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DSi. This, by the way, seems to be quite often. Whatever happened to little boys just wanting to sword fight?

As a result of these things, I have restarted this blog so that I can have something that's mine. Yes I have other blogs, but they're about other people or my business. So this one is all about me. I will not share it. Okay maybe a little.

Hmmm...and I guess that since I'm a photographer, I really should insert a photo. Yes? Okay, well, I inserted one above. I will post photos that have nothing to do with my clients (This should be fun!). It's from my camping trip to Hardy, Arkansas.

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