Saturday, October 09, 2010

How I Built a Tunnel All the Way to Mexico

Shelby Farms   ©2010 CC Photography by Betty Gray
Dreams can be really crazy sometimes. For instance, I actually dreamed that we had a tunnel coming up in our detached garage (we don't have a tunnel or detached garage in real life) that Mexican immigrants were coming in through. The FBI kept watching our house, but could not figure out how the Mexicans were coming through. 

Why I would dream of something like that? I have no clue. I'm assuming that at one point during my OBRD (obsessive blog reading disorder) that I read something about immigrants coming to America? I don't know. But can you imagine the trip they would have from Mexico to Tennessee? Like I said, it was just in my dream (just in case the INS is watching me..."Hi!") 

When I was a child it would seem that my dreams would become dark and scary if I slept on my back. It was really weird that no matter what, when I woke up from my nightmare, I was on my back so I automatically assumed that it was because of this position that I was having nightmares. Before I'd go to sleep, I'd make sure that my covers were tucked in really tight to keep me from turning over. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. On the good nights, I'd dream of climbing trees, catching fireflies and figuring out a way to torture my prissy sister. LOL 

As I got older, the nightmare would always seem to be the same. I was losing all of my teeth. I would bite something and all of my teeth would be loose. Till this day, that dream haunts me. Is it because I don't floss like I should? Is it because I refuse to pay $15 for a toothbrush? Is it because I use Colgate even though 4 out of 5 dentist recommend Crest? 

Well, now that I'm approaching 40, I now know that my nightmares are not the result of me sleeping on my back. Most of the time I'm so tired at night, I don't even remember what I dreamed about. 


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Betty "CC" Gray said...

So, I've spilled the beans and told you my worst dream, what's yours?