Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Imagination Library

For those of you that live in the state of Tennessee and many other areas, Dolly Parton has a really cool website that encourages reading. It's called Imagination Library You can sign your child (0-5 y/o) up to receive free books about every 6 weeks, I believe. I have signed my youngest up for this program and he gets so excited to have a package come in the mail that's just for him.

This past week he received a booked called Red Red Red by Valeri Gorbachev. This book held my attention as it really did surprise me with the ending. It took my all not to fast forward to the end to see what in the world was Turtle trying to see that was "red red red?" lolol

The illustrations are great as well. The characters were not too too cartoony. I think that could be one reason my DS took it more seriously than his other 100+ books. lolol

Both my DS and 4 y/o niece enjoyed the book. Getting them involved in the book and what everyone around town thought Turtle was going to see that was "red red red" was enjoyable.

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