Thursday, July 12, 2007

1 is Such a Magical Number!

Wow! Who'd-a-thunk-it! This sweet little baby that would always smile and giggle for me when photographing her would turn out and be such an active chubby chunky that didn't want to have anything to do with me! lololol be one year old again! lololol

This is the same baby that's my avatar in the upper right corner of my blog. She didn't care for me much today. Even after the gold fish crackers, the noise makers and my daughter helping me to make her laugh. The only time she felt comfortable was while she was with her brother or holding on to mom's hand.

But that's okay, I think I got some really cute ones. This is a sneak peek for Lady A's mom. More to come as soon as I get your gallery up and running! Enjoy!

And MAN! Don't you love that orange! I'm so thinking about changing my biz's colors! :-)

Have you had your portrait created today?


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