Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another to Share

Okay, so I just got chewed out about only posting one pic of the wedding. Sue me because I'm selfish and don't wanna share. lolol So here's another that has become a fav of mine. Don't you just love the almost kiss? Sooo sexy! hahaha

And this one is one of my favs of her getting all primped up for her big day. Isn't she just a beaut? I feel sooo old because I actually remember changing her diaper and one time her brother was sleeping on the couch and she had a poopy diaper and her sister and I put her and her stinky diaper on top of her brother's face while he was sleeping. It was soo funny. Well, it was when we were 12! lolololol

Have you had your portrait created today?

Betty Gray


Andria said...

Whew! It's like pulling teeth to get pics out of you, lady! hahahaha Just kidding...

Your photos truly allowed me to relieve the day. I also was able to enjoy several things in pictures that I missed at the wedding!

Thanks so much for your hard work and professionalism! I hope to work together with you again!

Kami said...

Sheesh, she is absolutely GORGEOUS! Her and her hubby make such a beautiful couple.