Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pink is for Girls!

Ahhhh….I remember the days when everything in our daughter’s room had to be pink; pink walls, pink comforter, pink curtains, pink television, pink bookshelves and pink lamps. It really got nauseating after a while, but that’s what she wanted. Pink. Lol

One of my recent clients brought those memories back. But for some reason it seemed different this time. It was so pretty. It was almost refreshing. Maybe because I have two little boys now and my daughter has moved away from her pink stage (she’s into purple now!). The pink walls, the pink blankets, the pink comforter and the pink in the Moses basket; all of it was just beautiful. Oh yeah, the baby was just as cute as she could be. lol

You’ll be seeing a lot of this little princess. Her mother has signed her up for my Baby’s First Portraits program. So I get to photograph her most important moments and watch her grow, grow and grow for the next year.

She’s already having a good time hanging out with her daddy and watching football games. It’s really funny envisioning her sitting there, all 6lbs., and watching her games.

Wonder what her favorite team is right now? Wonder if Jackson State is in her top 5 pick? hahahaha

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