Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Pressure is On!

I had a great time photographing this huuuuuuge family the other day. They all behaved so well and I wanted to let them know that I am so proud of them. hee hee hee.

This is one of the couples that were in the family. His Aunt S was really putting the pressure on him to make their relationship "official," with a ring. :-) The whole idea made him quite nervous. I figured I'd write about it and give him even more pressure. brohahaha. Mr. B, she's much too pretty to let go. :-P

Here are the three siblings from the family. These three were responsible for generating 15 of the 20 people that were photographed. :-) Don't cha just love big families? I'm so jealous. :-)

Have you had your portrait created today?
Betty Gray
CC Photography

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