Monday, February 12, 2007

Getting Back Into the Groove

Okay, I've been gone for waaaay too long. I have been taking photos though, just not like I wanted, but they got done! Anyway, here are the ones that I took while I was absent. Hope you enjoy. :-)

DD and her friend checking out books to help them learn to draw the characters in their soon to be released computer video game. lol

We hung out at Barnes & Nobles today. Kids had a blast. I passed out all of my business cards. lol Hmmmm...that last one looks a lot soft. Must have forgotten to sharpen for web. Sorry bout that.
Sorry, but I ran out of time for a photo for this day so I did the reverse lens thing and got this shot. Not as crisp as some of my others, but I think it came out pretty good. :-)
Got a new monitor from Dell. Yaaay. Not too fancy. This is my first LCD so I wanted to try it before I got the biiiiiiiiig one. If I like it, I'll probably give this one to the Family Computer and get myself a bigger and badder one. I love computer equipment! Rrrrrwwwr! lol

Another school day. The snow didn't last long so back on track with schooling!
It's that time of the month again. hee hee hee It's time for my sons to get their hair cut. For some reason, it was a much more pleasant experience. Maybe because they knew the camera was on them the whole time. Hey! Whatever works. It kept them from whining and crying and screaming that they're being killed by the clippers!

I've titled this on as "The Breakfast of Champions!" There are some mornings that it gets so hectic that this is all I'm able to get. I'm not complaining, because I love my coffee! lol lol

This the snow that we got. I think it only ended up being only an inch or so. I went out to take pics, but quickly realized that it was cold!!! I only got in a few shots before I came back inside. lol lol Hopefully, I'll get another chance and this time have myself winterized! lol lol


miranda said...

yay! Betty's back!
I love the shot of him out in the snow at such a high ISO. It's awesome!

Rachel said...

I'm glad to know I feel behind on posting in good company. =)

I didn't make it out to get any snow photos. Well, I was out in the flurries last Wednesday-- but only to go to the doctor!

Why are you sporting a Gateway bg on your Dell monitor? lol At any rate, congrats on the new monitor. Once you go LCD you don't go back!

Amy (3 Peas) said...

Welcome back! I love the top 4 pics especially :)

Lulu said...

Love their candid feel and the textures are fAB!