Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rocky Grounds

I had to take a small trip early morning the other morning. By the time I was done with taking care of business my kids were at whits end in the car, so I found this Mickey D's that was in the middle of nowhere along the I40 and I decided to stop. Right next to it was a little picnic area with boulders and an empty lot full of rocks. It was a really great photo op on these boulders.Wish there was a way for me to drag them home. lol There were just too many distractions in the background that not even a low aperture and higher position would help. lol :-) I did get a few shots. I let the kids eat their "healthy" meals from there and then play it off by jumping on the boulders and throwing the rocks around. They had a good time and I'm so glad I had my good ole trusty Canon with me to capture this moment.

I hate to admit it, but this is one time I think Mickey D's was actually good for our family. hahahaha Because the kids played so hard in Mickey D's empty lot, they slept the rest of the way home. Of course by the time we got home, I was tired, but they were ready to go! lollollol

Have you had your portrait created today?


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