Monday, January 22, 2007

Caution-Reverse Lens

Okay, so today didn't turn out as pretty as I thought it would. It was cold and ugly outside. Not rainy, just ugly.

So I had to stay inside on my hands and knees taking reverse lens shots. It's addicting! If I weren't so afraid of dropping my lens while doing it and getting dirt on my sensor, I would so go outside and do this! lolAnyway, here is one that I liked. It's the inside of my desk lamp. No light bulb was harmed during this shot. Matter of fact, there is no light bulb in the lamp and hasn't been for quite some time. lol lol

Have you had your portrait created today?



Julie said...

No light blub was harmed LOL. So cool!

Kayla Sullivan said...

I gotta try this. I'm chicken. I think I'd drop my lens!

heidi~r. said...

I know what you mean about it being addicting...I had mine off and reversed today too but couldn't find enough light to get a decent shot!

Anonymous said...

I want to try this macro thing too, but have not because of the reasons you stated :)