Friday, January 05, 2007

Project 365

Do you know how hard it was for me to not post here for the past two weeks????? It was absolutely killing me. It is now 2:48a.m. on 01/05/2007 and I couldn't wait until morning to post something. hahaha Yep, I know, I've got it bad.

So what did I do while I was away? Absolutely nothing! I purchased a book to read, didn't read it. I promised my dd that we'd work on trying to learn to sew, didn't do it. I said I would scrub this house down from top floor to bottom, didn't do it. I said I was going to get caught up on my bookkeeping so that we could do our taxes on time this year, didn’t do it. I did, however, managed to wash 17 loads of laundry! lol lol lol And just so you don't think I was just sitting here vegitizing, I did sit with my kids and watched every movie they have. I still get choked up watching The Jungle Book with Jason Lee and Mighty Joe Young with Charlize Theron. Lol Then when hubby got home we’d sit and watch the entire 2nd season of Grey’s Anatomy. That season was the bomb! Literally! Lol lol lol

So now that I’m back in the swing of things it’s time to get off of my fanny and do some things. I decided to join a ring of photographers in this 365 quest. We are to take at least one photo everyday for the entire year and post it. It should be really fun. I will be adding some links over there to the right that will take you to some of the other photographers that are participating in this. It will be interesting to see the progress each of us makes and to see who stays committed. I have promised myself that I’m going to stick with this. I promise. I promise. I promise. I’m hoping that if some of the other photographers see that I’m not posting, they’ll crack the bull whip. Lol lol

So, at this moment, I don’t have any photos that I have taken within these past 5 days of January. Today I will start out fresh. Now that I think about it, I guess I should call this Project 360 since I’ve already gotten behind 5 days. Hmmmmmm. Oh well, I’m on it. I will have a photo(s) posted by midnight tonight (and you know I’ll be awake) so that I don’t miss the deadline.

So, enjoy what I post. Let me know what you think. Hate it, love it, it’s crap, go get a real job, whatever you’d like to say. Just be kind enough to let me know. Hahahahaha Also, remember that these photos may be of common everyday stuff. Since my hubby can’t seem to get the hint that I want him to hire a house keeper, you may find photos of the sorts that are posted. Lol lol lol


Have you had your portrait created today?


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Let's see some pictures!