Sunday, January 14, 2007


Went and visited with my m-i-l and f-i-l and had a great time. She has a room in her home dedicated to the grandchildren. So my kids always have fun when we go there. My middle son brought this doohickey out and tried to show me how to play it. Of course, he only being 4 knew EXACTLY how to play it. Got it in every time. Me on the other hand couldn't. Matter of fact I hit myself in the head a few times. I even thought that maybe if I used my left hand instead, I could get it. It didn't work. Probably because I'm right handed. lol lol I eventually gave up and put it down, but for some reason it kept calling my name. I hate defeat! lol lol I tried to do it a couple more times, but still couldn't get that little ball in the hole. I gave up and decided I'd be better at taking a photo of it. :-) MIL had these really bright track lights that's making the harsh shadows and what not. But I still think it came out pretty good.

Anyway, we're just now getting back and I have to get the kiddos to bed and check all of their pockets to see what toys they took from Grandma's house. lol lol

Have you had your portrait created today?



Melissa said...

Oh, I remember that game! how fun!

Anonymous said...

lol...that game is fun except when you hit yourself in the head :D. Nice color. You did a good job with the shadows.

Allison said...

LOL Thanks for the story behind the photo! I love it.